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  • AEA RPQ500 - Arda Suppliers
  • AEA RPQ500 - Arda Suppliers
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Product Description

The AEA RPQ500 Ribbon Preamp and EQ provides one channel (in the 500 series format) of high-output, high-impedance, and low-noise gain with a rich and natural sound that brings out the full potential of your microphones.

Specifically designed for ribbon microphones, the RPQ500 excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound that ribbons are uniquely known for.

The RPQ500 is a powerhouse that provides unparalleled high gain with low-noise. With 81db of JFET output, the RPQ500 gives you enough juice to record soft sources without ever having to worry about noise.

The RPQ500’s CurveShaper™ EQ is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to control your ribbons right at the start of the signal path. Adjustable low and high-frequency controls allow you to tame proximity problems and provide high-frequency extension with slope control.

The high-frequency filter boost enables you to add presence and air to your source –perfect for sources like ribbons and 2-busses that often benefit from some extra top-end. The low-frequency control easily removes bass build-up in a fast and unobtrusive way.