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Product Description

While loudness is a much-debated topic in audio, there’s no denying that record labels, radio stations, and DJs all want music to sound 'loud'. If you don’t get it right at the mix stage, someone else in the process could get it wrong, and your precious mix will be ruined. Take control of your mix with the Sonnox Enhance bundle, making your mix both loud and clear.

Use the punchy TransMod plug-in to beef up your drums; the world renowned Inflator plug-in to add power and presence to virtually any mix; and the versatile Oxford Limiter for delivering incredibly loud mixes whilst retaining sonic integrity. These three powerful plug-ins will enhance your mix and give it the energy it deserves to be heard above the rest!

Plugins included:

  • Sonnox TransMod
  • Sonnox Inflator
  • Sonnox Limiter

DSP version, supports AAX DSP, VST & AU.